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Senate Approves Nominations of Mark Gaston Pearce and Brian Hayes to Serve on NLRB

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By Edwin S. Hopson

The Washington Post reported today that the U.S. Senate confirmed some 60 Obama nominations including two National Labor Relations Board Member nominations.

Mark Gaston Pearce, a Democrat and lawyer who formerly represented unions and who was given a recess appointment to the NLRB in March, 2010 by President Obama, was confirmed for a term ending August 27, 2013.

Brian Hayes, a Republican who was a member of Republican Senator Mike Enzi’s staff on the Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee and former management-side lawyer, was confirmed for a term ending December 16, 2012.

Craig Becker, also a Democrat and former union lawyer, who was given a recess appointment in March, 2010, was not confirmed.  His current recess appointment will expire at the end of December, 2011, if not later confirmed.  Becker had been nominated in July, 2009, by President Obama for a term that is to expire December 16, 2014.

Member Schaumber, a Republican, is serving a term that expires August 27, 2010.  Chairman Wilma Liebman’s term expires August 27, 2011.

Once Hayes is sworn in, the Board will then be at full compliment for the first time since December 31, 2007.

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