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I-9 Central

By Glen M. Krebs

If you have questions about completing or storing I-9 forms you can now go to a USCIS website to find answers.  On May 13, 2011 the USCIS launched ‘I-9 Central,’ at http://www.uscis.gov/i-9central.  I-9 Central includes sections about employer and employee rights and responsibilities, step-by-step instructions for completing the form, and information on acceptable documents for establishing identity and employment authorization.  It also includes a discussion of common mistakes to avoid when completing the form, guidance on how to correct errors and answers to employers’ questions about the I-9 process.  For anything not covered on I-9 Central you may contact Glen Krebs with I-9 questions at 859-288-7409 or gkrebs@wyattfirm.com.