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NLRB Republican Member Hayes Threatens Resignation Over Proposed Election Rule

By Edwin S. Hopson

In an article by Holly Rosenkrantz on the Bloomberg Businessweek website dated November 23, 2011, it reported that National Labor Relations Board Member Brian Hayes, the only Republican on the Board, is threatening to resign rather than allow a vote now scheduled for November 30, 2011, on a controversial new rule aimed at speeding up union representation elections. 

According to the article, NLRB Chairman Mark Pearce is quoted in a November 22 letter to Hayes as stating, “[y]ou indicated that, if the board proceeded with consideration of the matter, you would consider resigning your position.”

There are currently only three members on the five-member NLRB, and under last year’s Supreme Court decision in New Process Steel v. NLRB, if the Board is reduced to fewer than three members, it cannot continue to issue decisions. See posts below dated November 21 and 18.