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Griffin is Sworn in As NLRB General Counsel

By Edwin S. Hopson

On November 4, 2013, Richard Griffin, Jr. was sworn in as NLRB General Counsel. His term will be for four years.  Griffin had served on the NLRB as a Board Member, having been recess appointed by President Obama in early January 2012.  His appointment, along with another recess appointee, was attacked as invalid.  The Supreme Court will hear that case this term.  As part of a deal this past summer, Griffin and one other recess-appointed Member vacated their position on the Board and President Obama nominated others to fill the vacant positions. Griffin, prior to being appointed to the Board, had been general counsel to the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Also, Griffin announced that Jennifer Abruzzo would be appointed as his Deputy General Counsel and that Rachel Gartner Lennie would be his Assistant General Counsel.