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NLRB Announces Implementation of the Final Field Office Restructuring Plan

By Edwin S. Hopson

The National Labor Relations Board has announced that its previously announced restructuring of several regional offices, as proposed in July 2012, and as modified in October, 2012, has taken effect on December 10, 2012.  The restructuring was published in the Federal Register on December 6, 2012.

The changes affect the status of four regional offices which are being converted to subregional offices and will result in the reassignment of some subregional and resident offices to new regional offices. The number of NLRB regional offices will go from 32 to 28, but the total number of field offices will remain at 51.

The Winston-Salem, NC office (Region 11) will now be a subregion of the Atlanta Regional Office (Region 10). The Nashville, TN resident office, formerly a part of the Memphis, TN regional office (Region 26), will now report to Atlanta.  The Regional Director in Atlanta is Claude T. Harrell, Jr.

The Memphis, TN office (Region 26) has now become a subregion of the New Orleans Regional Office (Region 15). The Little Rock, AR resident office will also report to New Orleans.  The Regional Director in New Orleans is Kathleen McKinney.

The Overland Park, KS office (Region 17) will become a subregion of the St. Louis Regional Office (Region 14).  Under a previous plan, it was the reverse.  However, the NLRB, after receiving a significant amount of input, decided to leave St. Louis as a regional office and convert Overland Park to a subregional office within the St. Louis region. The Regional Director in St. Louis is Dan Hubbel, who was previously based in Overland Park, KS.  In addition, the Peoria, IL subregional office (formerly a part of the St. Louis region) will now report to Indianapolis, IN (Region 25).  The Regional Director in Indianapolis is Rik Lineback.

The Hartford, CT regional office (Region 34) has now become a subregion of the Boston, MA Regional Office (Region 1).  The Regional Director in Boston is Jonathan Kreisberg.

These changes are, in part, the result of reduced case load.  More changes may well be coming in the future.